Abigail Whittaker


Spanking Autobiography



“What are you gonna do? Give me a crack on the ass?” my high-pitched, three year old voice rang out amongst those sleeping before getting on the red eye in the airport.  I had been sleeping on the plane and was all wound up while everyone else was trying to get some well-needed rest.  This was the first of many instances I tried to brazenly get my Dad or some other adult to spank me.  My scheme didn’t pan out to me getting spanked, yet it is not only my first spanking memory, but my first life memory as well.  This attests to the fact that I was, in my opinion, born with it.

As seems to be a par for the course with the spanking world I spent my childhood cherishing tidbits and scraps of media that portrayed anything about or related to spanking. Children’s books, comics, cartoons, playing house, etc.  So many other spankos I’ve talked to have shared similar experiences.  It’s easy to feel like you know someone when you’ve both gone through a time in your childhood where you looked up the word “Spanking” six hundred times in the dictionary, enough to bend the spine to give away what page you were viewing if anyone decided to check. 

I remember my first real fantasy was about, of all things, a spanking machine!  I was probably four years old and staying at my aunt’s house for a few days.  She had this massive body pillow that I liked to snuggle with, and it was the inspiration for the fantasy.  I had laid myself down its length with my legs straddling it, propping up my small bottom. I pictured the pillow as a bench with a hand suspended above it, looking all sophisticated and machine-like.  I then imagined I was strapped to it and someone was talking and saying,  “…this is what happens when little girls are naughty”.  They then decided on the number of spanks the hand would give me, et cetera.   I would do this probably 5 times a week (minimum)!

My fantasies always did, and still mostly do, center around domestic discipline.  Things like daddy/daughter, mommy/daughter, and the like.  I liked the parental, comforting atmosphere these brought.  I eventually have branched out into some more intense and extreme forms of spanking, but that domestic aspect is still my first and primary love.



By the time I was five, I had begun to look at the world through proverbial spanking goggles. I was on the lookout for it anywhere, and when it did come into mention  my whole body would tingle right to my toes! It was as though the word “spank” itself held an electric current and it was like touching a live wire to hear it.  I was about 6 when I realized the easiest way to get spanked by other kids….play house.  It wasn’t THAT simple, however, since I still had a hard time getting spanked even playing  “the kid”.  I like to think it was because I was simply so adorable that even other kids’ melted and became blind to my (sometimes extreme) naughtiness!  I did manage to get spanked though…by being “the dog”!   I would bite the other kids or knock things over and get a newspaper on my behind. No lie.

I was a VERY naughty child.  I was the little girl version of Dennis the Menace.  And the strange thing about it is I was almost NEVER spanked.  What made it stranger is being the second youngest in five children, I was literally the only one who didn’t get it!  Adorable, I tell ya.

One memorable occasion when I was about 9 years old, does come to mind.  I hated math class as did my best friend in the world, Sophie.  Sophie and I decided, therefore, that we would run away during recess. We planned it all out the night before we carried out the plan over the phone. I packed three matches, a tube of burn cream, a can of spaghetti-o’s and a blanket.  Recess time, the next day.  The whistle blew for everyone to come inside and we took off, bags in hand, for the parking lot. And we MADE it!



We sneaked amongst the cars until we reached the edge of the parking lot, where suddenly the milk truck turned into the driveway and….damn it….saw us. He told the AID, who came out to get us.  We were taken back to the principal’s office and our parents were called.

I had never seen my daddy so mad before.  He was quiet the whole way home besides expressing his disbelief that I was ten feet from trying to cross a five lane highway by myself.  When we got home he didn’t even blink, he grabbed my arm, took me upstairs and pulled my pants off.  Then my panties. I was hysterical…this didn’t happen!!!!  He put me over his knee and used his hand to smack my bottom maybe fifteen times before laying me down for a nap.  In retrospect...it was awesome.

I will save all other detailed instances for my blogging endeavors! 

At age 11, I was lying in bed, reading a book that had a spanking reference in it…that page took a LONG time to read.  My other hand was inadvertently doing what it always does, shoving itself down my pants to explore (I STILL have this issue).  And I had my first and most amazing ever orgasm….while reading that page.  That’s when spanking became sexualized.

All through middle school and high school I went on, sniffing out spanking tidbits, trying to get boyfriends to put me over their knees, and imagining my dykey softball coach smacking my young bottom over her lap after practice!  At age 14, my parents found my stash of printed stories and pictures and fantasies I’d written under my bed.  My dad was strangely quiet and my mom ranted at me and told me I needed help!  I burned the pile in shame….only to have rebuilt it about a month later. Who was I kidding?



Finally….after my first year in college….I’m turned 18.  My world…opened…up.  On my birthday I met my first spanker, who I had, in very bad form, been conversing with while underage.  He gave me my first real spanking….it’s a story in and of itself.  It was amazing. I was hooked…addicted. For the next two years, I played with more people than its necessary to be called a bit obsessed!  I met men (and eventually women) in hotel rooms, always making them pay, and rarely following up with them again.  It became a real physical need and a high to meet  them without knowing them!

Until I met Michelle.  My  soon-to-be-disciplinarian.  My “mommy” , if you will.  She put an end, over the next year or so to my wild, unchecked ways.  And I found in her a sort of maternal safety zone that I still have a need for.  It was a great match.  But I outgrew her eventually…it’s actually quite recent in my timeline.

I went to Europe for an internship and came back as Abigail Whittaker.  In making my decision to shoot my first video with Firmhandspanking, I had been drinking a lot of hard cider at a pub on Whittaker Street in London.  I had met up with my  now VERY close friend, Samantha Woodley and we bonded and…she convinced me.  And I’ve been going full force and not looking back since then.  Not sure where the future will take me, but my love for spanking is glowing as brightly as ever.  I have met the woman of my dreams and have an amazing spanking relationship with her… I’ll keep my biography updated as life throws more at me.




9-13-08 AK